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Decor Packages

Looking for the perfect decor that matches your dream aesthetic but also fits into your budget? I have compiled some themed decor packages that allow you to create the perfect atheistic for your day! These packages are meant to serve as a vision for your day and can be amended to fit you perfectly!

Wedding Reception

Rustic Decor

Focuses on natural elements, wood and clear glass

Wedding Embrace

Moody Glam

Focus on acrylic pieces and gold tones

Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings

Timeless Gold

Focus on gold tones and mirrors

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Focus on warm tones, brass, earthy & romantic

Image by Thomas William


Light tones, bright & airy

Decor Packages: News & Updates


Optional Add ons:
Dessert bar items
Hand dyed table runner to match wedding colors
Bar signs
“In loving memory” sign
Guest book

Decor Packages: Text
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